Most buses that service the popular tourist destination of Melaka terminate at Melaka Sentral. This is not ideal for most tourists because Melaka Sentral Station is still around 15 minutes away from Jonker Walk (the primary tourist area of Melaka).  So this raises the big question: What’s the best way to get from Melaka Sentral to Jonker Walk?

Quite recently Malaysia’s taxi prices were increased significantly which now makes public transport a more practical option than before.  Although it depends on the time of day and the corresponding traffic, I would recommend taking a bus from Melaka Sentral opposed to a taxi. Taxi drivers in Melaka typically don’t use a meter, which of course can easily result in the passenger paying more than they should for the journey. Since most of the hotels in Melaka are within walking distance from Jonker Walk (street) you should have no problem walking from the bus stop unless you have a load of luggage. Therefore, it is important to know where to go at Melaka Sentral in order to avoid delays in your journey.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get from Melaka Sentral to Jonker Walk by bus:

1. Once you arrive at Melaka Sentral you will notice that the Station is organized based on international and domestic bus departures. I wouldn’t book your room near the station. Instead, proceed to the domestic bus terminal of Melaka Sentral to find the correct bus heading to Jonker Walk.

Proceed to the domestic bus gates when you arrive at Melaka Sentral

Proceed to the domestic bus gates when you arrive at Melaka Sentral

2. The domestic terminal of Melaka Sentral has plenty of different ticket offices.  You can ignore these and proceed directly to bus pick-up Gate #17.  You will be able to clearly see the gate numbers through the glass windows from inside the Station.

3. During our recent experience visiting Melaka, at peak times Bus #17 can get quite crowded due to the combination of locals and tourists trying to make their way down to Dutch Square, Jonker Walk and the rest of the top attractions in Melaka. Therefore, it’s a good idea to wait outside near Gate #17 to make sure that you get a spot on the bus. If it’s quiet at the time, then just wait inside if you want.

4. The longest we have waited for a bus to arrive at Melaka Sentral was twenty-five minutes.  Expect to wait between fifteen minutes to thirty minutes for the bus to arrive.

You can either walk inside or outside to Gate #17

You can either walk inside or outside to Gate #17

5. Once you are on the bus a local bus employee will walk around to collect money for the ticket. The bus ticket from Melaka Sentral to Jonker Walk costs RM 1.50 (approximately $0.50 USD).

Expect to pay RM 1.50 to get to Jonker Walk from Melaka Sentral

Expect to pay RM 1.50 to get to Jonker Walk from Melaka Sentral

6. The quickest travel time between Melaka Sentral and Jonker Walk is roughly ten minutes.  One weekends and during rush hour expect heavier traffic and a travel time of twenty five minutes or more.

7. The bus will drop you off at Dutch Square which is literally 100 meters from Jonker Walk. To get to Jonker Walk simply cross the road and you will be right in the heart of Melaka’s UNESCO World Heritage city.

The drop off point at Dutch Square to access Jonker Walk

The drop off point at Dutch Square to access Jonker Walk

8. We recommend booking a room right in the vicinity of Jonker Walk to minimize your transit time while in Melaka. Once you complete your search here, you will be able to immediately compare prices on the world’s best accommodation website. Some hotels are listed as “Malacca (Melaka) City Centre” but they are actually quite far from the action. Therefore, be sure to check the location of your selected hotel before finalizing your booking.

Jonker Walk, Melaka, Malaysia

Jonker Walk, Melaka, Malaysia

Where did we stay in Melaka?

Each and every time we have visited Melaka we have had the same overall priority: stay close to Jonker Walk. And by ‘close’ I don’t mean necessarily right on this famous street.  Many of the streets running parallel to Jonker Walk are quieter and still convenient. The last time we were in Melaka we stayed at Kawan Kawan Guest House. We don’t have an affiliation with this property or any property in Melaka. Therefore, our opinion is an unbiased one. Overall, this was a conveniently located budget option (about 3 minutes from Jonker Walk).  We shared a three person room and overall our stay was quite pleasant.  The partitions between their walls could be thicker, subsequently if a party crowd was staying there it could get a bit too loud. At the time of writing it had a score of 7.8/10 based on 225 verified guest reviews. We consider this to be a fairly accurate representation based on our experience there.

How to find the cheapest rooms in Melaka?

We have been to Melaka on many different occasions.  Typically, we use one of three sites to book our room there:,, or Both and offer wide selections and competitive prices whereas is a price comparison site that we use all the time to find the cheapest rooms. To save you valuable time:

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Flight Information:

Booking Flights To/From Melaka (Malacca)

How did we find the cheapest flight(s) to Melaka (Malacca) during our trip?

The  most practical airport to fly into when you are planning on seeing Melaka is Kuala Lumpur International Airport (airport code = KUL). Technically, Melaka does have its own airport but 99% of tourists don’t fly there as no major airlines fly there. Typically, tourists first fly from different regions around the world to Kuala Lumpur and then transit (taking the train or bus) to Melaka. We used BookingBuddy to find the cheapest flight to KL. Once we arrived in Kuala Lumpur we followed these steps to get to Melaka.  Another alternative option to get to Melaka is flying into Johor Bahru or Singapore. I have personally travelled from Johor Bahru to Melaka following these steps.  I would suggest that you should use price comparison sites to find the cheapest flights to KL, Johor or Singapore.  I have included a link to BookingBuddy – a site that we commonly use to save you some time and cash:

COMPARE FLIGHT PRICES TO Melaka (Malacca): BookingBuddy

You can also use the Search Box below to compare prices across hotel providers in Melaka:

If you have any questions about our trip from Melaka Sentral to Jonker Walk feel free to comment below. Click here to access our thorough range of articles related to Melaka and other destinations in Malaysia.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip to Melaka!