Find Cheapest Flights

How to find the world's cheapest Flights? Our Strategy. It takes a lot of practice to be skillful at something you are

Train Tickets and Rail Passes

Whether you plan to visit Europe, Japan, the United States or another country offering rail passes it takes some serious

  • Chasing Places Feature: Budget vs Non Budget Airlines

12 Intriguing Differences Between Budget and Non-Budget Airlines

The aviation industry has always been evolving in one way or another. I often think that it has evolved so

  • Chasing Places Feature: Ways to Getting Cheap Flights

10 Ways to Get the Cheapest Flight Tickets

Have you ever booked an online flight ticket only to hear from someone else a few days later that they

  • Chasing Places (Feature)Keep-it-Fresh-and-Exciting

10 Rewarding Ways to Keep your Travel Experiences Fresh and Exciting

10. Become spontaneous and book a trip with no planning. There is something really empowering and exciting about being impulsive. 

  • Chasing Places (Feature) Food in Southeast Asia

Fascinating Dining Norms in Southeast Asia

One of the best things about traveling in Southeast Asia is the strong presence of distinct cultures. Norms passed down

  • Chasing Places Feature-Ten-ways-to-save-big-moneu-while-backpacking

10 Ways to Save Big Money while Backpacking

  10. Book your flights way in advance. Budget airlines like Air Asia, Cebu Pacific and Tiger Airlines love to

  • Feature, Pantai Tengah, Langkawi Island Malaysia

Is This The Nicest Beach? 5 Factors that Define Beach Beauty

One of the most interesting things about travelling is discussing previous travel stories with other travelers. Sure the “doing” portion

  • Feature,-Steamboat-at-Petaling-Street-Market,-China-Town,-Kuala-Lumpur

Attention Shopaholics: 3 Must See Markets in South East Asia

Tourists love markets in South East Asia - and for good reason. Where else can you find edible cockroaches, dresses

  • The colonial architecture in Penang, Malaysia

3 Unforgettable UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Asia

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is committed to protecting and restoring the historic treasures of the

  • 11Korea1L-30.7.13

Experiencing the Spectacular Seafood Markets in South Korea

South Korea is one of those countries that tries to be nothing other than South Korea. That is exactly what

  • 10Laos1Malay2A-27.7.13

2 Innovative Techniques to Save Time on a Motorcycle

One of the rewarding things about travelling around the world is observing how different people from different cultures prioritize their

  • Karon Beach

The 3 Nicest “Touristy” Beaches in South East Asia

The diversity and accessibility of beach getaways in South East Asia is truly remarkable.  This can be partially attributed to

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