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Villingili, Maldives Travel Review

The Maldives is a fascinating country on so many different levels.  Superb beaches, world class scuba diving, top-notch resorts, and

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How to Get from Male to Villingili

Visiting Villingili is a convenient day trip from the Malé. Visible from Malé’s western shoreline, Villingili is a great spot

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Walking around Maafushi Island, Maldives

Maafushi Island was once a quiet island in the middle of the Andaman Sea, far removed from tourism and overseas

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How to Get from Malé to Maafushi Island

Although many tourist companies in the Maldives would prefer for most tourist not to know, there is now a reputable

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Maafushi Island Travel Review, Maldives

Maafushi Island in the Maldives could indeed be one of the most interesting islands that I have travelled to over

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Tuna, Tuna and More Tuna in Malé, Maldives

Prior to landing at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, I had no real idea about the style of cuisine that would

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How to Get from Male Airport to Malé City

Flying into Malé, the capital of the Maldives, is much different from landing at most airports around the world for

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Top things to do in Malé – the Capital of the Maldives

1. Try some traditional Maldivian “short eats” at a local café. When you walk around Malé you will be sure

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Welcome to the Maldivian Capital, Malé

When you think of the Maldives (pronounced as “Maldeeves” by the locals), a few things immediately come to mind such

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10 Travel Tips You Should Know about Maldives

After visiting the Maldives and learning more about this fascinating country we thought that it would be a good idea

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Attention Backpackers: Are you prepared for the Mesmerizing Maldives?

Historically, the Maldives was regarded as a breathtaking playground for the rich and famous. When you combine the exclusive feeling