• F-Tsumago-Japan

Tsumago The Glorious Postal Town of Japan’s Kiso Valley

Tsumago is the other town connected by the Magome - Tsumago trail of the Nakasendo, within the Kiso Valley region

  • F-Magome

A Visit to Enchanting Magome, Japan

There is something very enchanting about the little Japanese town of Magome that makes it highly recommendable to any traveler

  • F-Nakasendo Trail

Hiking the Nakasendo Trail, Kiso Valley Japan

For some, Nakasendo may be just another trail that is fairly moderate in terms of difficulty level. Situated in Japan’s

  • How to get from Kawaguchiko to Magome

How to get from Kawaguchiko to Magome, Tsumago and the Nakasendo Trail (using the JR Pass)

It can be assumed that any tourist flying into Tokyo with a couple of days in the country will try