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How to Get From Kyoto to Kanazawa using the Japan Rail Pass

Although it is often compared to Kyoto, Kanazawa does not enjoy the same popularity as its big sister However if

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How to Get from Tokyo to Kyoto

It’s a fact that hundreds of flights land in Tokyo every day. This is not surprising as the city is

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How to Get From Kyoto to Kobe?

For many people visiting Japan, Kyoto makes an easy choice for their first destination. The city is Japan’s most famous

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How to Get from Kyoto to Nara?

If you’re already in Kyoto and you have several days to spend, why not go for a road trip to

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The Arashiyama Bamboo Grove: One of Kyoto’s Prime Attractions

A lot of seasoned travelers will tell you that visiting Kyoto is all about diving into rich history and marveling

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Why is Kinkaku-ji (the Golden Pavilion) a Must-See in Kyoto?

When you do your travel research about Kyoto, you will most likely read about Kinkaku or the Golden Pavilion. You

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Gion and the Truth about Geishas

If you spent the majority of your time, temple-hopping in historical Kyoto, perhaps it’s time to take a break from

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Top Places to See in Historical Kyoto

Aside from the capital Tokyo, Kyoto is one of the most popular cities in Japan. Kyoto enjoys its world-renowned fame