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How to Get from Tokyo to Kobe Using the Japan Rail Pass

Chasing “one modern city to the next” - this is exactly what you’re going to get if you visit Tokyo

How to Get from Osaka to Kobe

Kobe may not be as popular to tourists as Kyoto or Mount Fuji, but it is known as one of

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How to Get From Kyoto to Kobe?

For many people visiting Japan, Kyoto makes an easy choice for their first destination. The city is Japan’s most famous

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Places to Visit in Kobe in One Day

Because of its proximity to Osaka, Kobe is often neglected by visitors, who know little about what this particular Japanese

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Nunobiki: A Hidden Waterfall in Cosmopolitan Kobe

Ask anyone in Japan about Kobe, and they will tell you about how chic and cosmopolitan this city is. Now