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Why Stay at a Ryokan in Japan

So you plan to travel Japan? If the answer is yes then I would like to congratulate you because

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How to Get from Tokyo to Kanazawa the Fastest Way (Using the JR Pass)

Known to many as little Kyoto, the city of Kanazawa is a great place to start your exploration of Japan’s

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How to Get from Tokyo to Kobe Using the Japan Rail Pass

Chasing “one modern city to the next” - this is exactly what you’re going to get if you visit Tokyo

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How to Get from Takayama to Kanazawa?

After being charmed by the ‘traditional Japanese town-like feel’ of Takayama, we knew that we would eventually end up in

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The Top Sites to See in Kanazawa for Free

Often overlooked, Kanazawa is a real travel gem for those who want to avoid heavy tourist cities in Japan like

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How to Get From Kyoto to Kanazawa using the Japan Rail Pass

Although it is often compared to Kyoto, Kanazawa does not enjoy the same popularity as its big sister However if

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How to Get from Tokyo to Kyoto

It’s a fact that hundreds of flights land in Tokyo every day. This is not surprising as the city is

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How to Get from Tsumago (the Nakasendo Trail) to Takayama

If you have decided to go to Tsumago, I would like to congratulate you. You made the right decision as

How to Get from Osaka to Kobe

Kobe may not be as popular to tourists as Kyoto or Mount Fuji, but it is known as one of

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How to Get From Kyoto to Kobe?

For many people visiting Japan, Kyoto makes an easy choice for their first destination. The city is Japan’s most famous

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How to Get from Nara to Osaka

Although it is packed with attractions, Nara is a small enough city that spending a day or two there is

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How to Get from Kyoto to Nara?

If you’re already in Kyoto and you have several days to spend, why not go for a road trip to