Chasing Places is the brainchild of the travel-loving, adventure-seeking husband and wife duo: Josh and Pat

Our story? We met while working on a cruise ship that explored some of the most stunning South Pacific Isles. We fell-in-love (enter cheesy “Titanic” music) and eventually realized a strong desire to see the world for all its madness and beauty.


 Josh – Photographer and Planner

a.k.a Spock

“Because of my supportive family and amazing wife, I am able to fulfill my dream of traveling the world. Raised in a small town, I have branched out in a big way to explore everything from the remote terraces and uninhabited islands of the Philippines to the powdery beaches of Mexico. Best described as an outgoing, frontier traveler, I aspire to discuss and share my stories with other travelers from around the globe on My travel endeavors have solidified the theory that travelling is one of the best ways to learn about the fascinating world around us.”

Pat – Writer and Designer

a.k.a. Captain Kirk

“I love getting to know people and I will forever be a teacher at heart. My online journey started when I began writing content for other people’s websites. It was a way to make a living while overseas. After meeting my husband and partner in crime; we gradually found ourselves getting passionate about traveling the world. In some ways, he is even more passionate than I am.We were not born millionaires…  We started traveling places on a tight budget. But because we are both free spirited, flexible and organized, we are able to fulfill our dream of exploring the world.”

Pat On Chasing Places

It started out as a travel blog, a way to document our travels in hopes that people will find our experiences interesting. But as I continue developing the site, I realize that what I really wanted is to not only inspire people to travel but also help in making their trip a satisfying one. This leads us to where Chasing Places is right now… what is it? It is a website/blog that offers FREE travel information. I write articles with simple travel directions you can follow, so you don’t have to spend time planning it, yourself.

Affiliate commissions and partnerships with hotel, flight and transport providers are the THINGS that support this site and my writing. If you appreciate what I’m doing and wish to give back to the site, you can use our affiliate links to plan your awesome trips. When you purchase products or services from our affiliate companies, Chasing Places will not charge you any additional fee.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone; so I hope that you continue to appreciate and support us.

I try to give accurate travel information as much as I can. My aim is to help you, but there may be times that information may change for reasons beyond my control. Write to me. I would like to hear from you regarding your trip planning.

If you have any questions about traveling to any of our featured destinations; the best way to connect with me is by becoming a member of our Facebook community page…looking forward to meeting you.

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