budget travel        In past decades, traveling had been one of those things that some people looked at as a luxury. But these days, this perception has been increasingly changing. With the proliferation of low cost airlines, competitive hotel pricing, online vacation promotions, and all-inclusive deals, traveling has become an accessible hobby for a lot of individuals from different walks of life. At chasingplaces.com, we are in the business of encouraging people to travel because of 8 solid reasons.

1. To See Amazing Sites

      The world has so much to offer. From exotic beaches, luscious national parks, to majestic waterfalls, medieval villages and marine sanctuaries. There are so many natural and manmade wonders out there, but you have to get up and plan a trip to see them. The world is a house full of fascinating and ever changing places; and who knows a decade or two from now, these places are not going to look the same.

2. To Meet New People

        If you don’t regularly go to bars and parties, chances are you won’t meet new interesting personalities. The more we grow old, the more we tend to hang around with the same folks we are comfortable with. When you travel, you naturally become more curious about others. Traveling will force you to open your mouth, communicate and share your thoughts. Some of the most interesting conversations that you will ever have with a stranger occur when you travel, because you will most likely learn something new from a person with a different background full of unique experiences.

3. To Learn About Various Cultures

      When we are born and raised in a certain society our minds are molded to think in a manner that is attuned to our own culture and social norms. Once you travel, you will be exposed to different cultures or sub-cultures. Such exposure provides you with different and fresh perspectives on everyday concepts. It molds you to become more accepting and appreciative, as well as encourages you to think out of the box.

4. To Eat Something Different

      Food is not just a source of physical nourishment, for many, it’s an artistic expression or a manifestation of a certain culture and heritage. Thus, eating unfamiliar cuisine goes hand-in-hand with traveling. Tasting a new dish while traveling is an adventure in itself as the flavors that your palate will come in contact with can be pleasantly surprising or unexpectedly weird. Nevertheless, these foreign flavors will allow you to learn more about yourself as well as the people and the history behind them.

5. To Relieve Stress

     Sometimes, we are so caught up with our daily lives that we forget to take a breather. Tackling a heavy workload, meeting deadlines, doing house chores and paying bills are everyday tasks that are notorious stress factors. Detaching yourself from the usual environment, even for a while, gives your mind and body their much-needed rest and relaxation.

6. To Break Monotony

        Admit it, life can get boring. You wake up at the same time, eat the same breakfast, talk to the same people and do the same work. It seems like an endless vicious cycle that has potential to make you feel empty. Going to another place and seeing new things is a great way of breaking the ice and building a renewed vigor and passion for living.

7. To Challenge Yourself

        Unless you confine yourself to an all-inclusive resort, you will most likely encounter new situations that you have never dealt before while traveling. This is particularly true when you are an inexperienced traveler who is backpacking or taking part in a road trip. Don’t expect always blue skies, rainbows, and butterflies during these travel scenarios. Expect to make important decisions, plan itineraries, follow a budget, and make compromises. You will commit mistakes; some of them can be a little serious. But that’s the beauty of traveling. It teaches, challenges and compels you to choose what kind of person you want to be.

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